Ondol: Heating House Traditionally

One of the house heating system that is effective and efficient that was used in the ancient times until modernization covers it is the ondol. Its practice was done in Korea. It was first used to heat one room or area and then the whole house was heated using it. It is a great use of resources and it is very effective. They say it is also good for health because it is a natural way of heating and no chemicals or other things used that is not good.

Ondol is done by burning wood. They built the house with stones under it. It has a chimney connected to the stones that serve as an outlet for the smoke. From one side they burn wood that produces heat traveling into the stones that provides heat into the house. The smoke is prevented from seeping into the house but it would go out in the chimney provided as an outlet. The stones are laid out before flooring of the house so that the ondol system could be used.

They then need to let the fire burn continually so that heat would be maintained. It was also used in Mongolia and in the Northeast of China but they just used it to heat some rooms or part of the house. This modern time, they are also incorporating the use of the ondol system in modern houses. This system is very effective and efficient as it can heat the house for several days. You can also cook while heating the house. Now architects are using the system in building houses in some parts of the world.

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